projects: Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut

Last Blues Song

Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut

Project Lead: Dr Edson Burton

Collaborators: Luke Saxton, Robert Bekele, Onallee, Rozaya Hopkins, Priscilla Andersohn

Composition / Sound Design

The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut is a project by Watershed's 2016 Artist in Residence Dr Edson Burton. Edson is a writer, historian, programme-curator and performer based in Bristol whose academic specialisms include: Bristol and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Black History in the USA, Cultural continuities between Africa & the New World.

The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut is an immersive theatre piece exploring decolonised identities, mythologies, cultural syncretism, ghosts, exodus & environmental collapse.

My involvement with Edson and his project began when he was seeking to formulate the sonic landscape of the world of the Afronaut. We had a number of writing sessions with musicians such as Robert Bekele, a Ghanaian Jazz guitarist; and Onallee, a singer and performer known for her work with Roni Size.

The final showcase took place at Bristol's Jacobs Wells Baths in January 2017 and featured five pieces of composition and sound design by my collaborators and myself.

All images by Edson Burton.
Video and Audio examples coming soon