projects: music


I am now into my 10th year of making music with computers, and have been writing and performing music on instruments since I was 9 years old.

Discovering the vast capabilities of music production at such a young age has given me a thirst for writing music of many varying genres. Some of which you can find below.


electronica / downtempo / experimental

ECKS is my longest running music project and has adopted many different styles over the years.

I released my first EP as ECKS in 2013 through Spawn Records. Other ECKS tracks have been featured on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Wales.

Bespin five

house / techno / noise

Bespin five formed within the last couple of years at the time that I was incorporating more recorded instruments into ECKS to allow me to focus on a more club orientated sound.

The output of Bespin five stretches between house, techno and noisy improvisation - which I sometimes perform live using a variety of analogue outboard gear.

The demos on this page show a range of the tracks I produce under Bespin five.

Companion Colour - Coming Soon