projects: Reinterpreting Sound


Opus: Reinterpreting Sound

Project Lead: Sabrina Shirazi

creative technology / workshop delivery

Reinterpreting Sound emerged after artist Sabrina Shirazi's Opus residency at the Pervasive Media Studio. Opus sought to find 'the taste of instruments' through a series of workshops and culminated in a live performance in At-Bristol by three instrumentalists paired with 6 things to eat.

It is at this point that I became involved with Sabrina's work, still looking to find links between taste and sound but this time aiming the workshops and deaf and hard of hearing people.

The reinterpreting sound workshops featured live musicians including a cellist, harpist, cornet-player and beatboxer. We developed a large amount of tech including a multiband coloured spectrograph, a sound responsive lamp and a number of transducers, speakers and subs allowing the participants to find their own combination to appreciate the different sounds of the instruments in whatever way suited them best.

I also created assets for and assisted Sabrina with two recent workshops at At-Bristol's popular After Hours events: Feast & Love

Sabrina has recently received funding from the University of Bristol's Brigstow Institute and our work on the project continues.

All photographs by Joseph Horton